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Our company is located in Ankang high tech Industrial Development Zone on the Bank of Qinba Mountain and Hanshui River. It is a professional manufacturer of medical masks with a registered capital of 50 million yuan (RMB). It is a liability limited company. The company was registered in accordance with the law on March 10, 2020, covering an area of 2500 square meters, with a construction area of 5400 square meters and a fixed asset of 50 million yuan. There are 318 employees, including 25 professional and technical personnel. The company's main products include disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks.

The company firmly establishes the tenet of "taking benefit as the center, quality as the theme, management as the main line, technological innovation as the driving force, relying on quality for survival, relying on varieties to enter the market", adheres to the quality policy of "customer first, quality first, continuous improvement, paying attention to details, meeting the requirements of laws and regulations", and strives to build a new production enterprise with first-class quality and management.

The company has introduced 22 sets of advanced automatic production equipment, 112 sets of semi-automatic production equipment and 32 sets of advanced inspection and testing instruments. Although we are a new enterprise, we have signed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system certification agreements with professional certification service units for our "high standards and strict requirements". At present, the company has established supply and marketing cooperation with many companies, laying the foundation for the good development of "xinhaikang".

Of course, for a newly-built enterprise, which is involved in the field of medical device production for the first time, although we have made great efforts, there are bound to be some difficulties and deficiencies. We sincerely invite all experts to give valuable opinions and suggestions.

Ankang xinhaikang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. focuses on quality objectives, with reliable quality, high-quality service and good reputation, to create a first-class xinhaikang. We sincerely welcome all experts in the province to guide our work!

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